Auditions are one of our favorite parts of rush, since they're the first time we get to hear the amazing voices that will make up the new tap class. Make sure to get a good night's sleep and do anything else that helps psych you up for an audition. Don't stress - you've got nothing to lose! You will find us in the Branord/Trumbull room, we will be in the courtyard waiting!

the steps


We'll start off with some basic exercises to test your range up and down and get you warmed up for the rest of your audition.

We may check your musical instincts with a few quick ear-training exercises.

Next, we'll have you sing a short excerpt from one of our arrangements with a few of us to see how you blend with the group.

Click HERE for sheet music and audio files for the blending exercise.

This is your moment to show us what you can do. Don't worry too much about what to sing - it's much more important for us to hear how you sing. Bring your go-to karaoke number, the encore from your senior recital, or your favorite shower tune. Whatever it is, come ready to show us what you've got!





After your audition, we may set you up with a rush meal with some group members. Rush meals are your chance to get to know us better and vice versa. They’re a good opportunity to ask questions about Redhot, Yale, what classes are amazing, which ones you’re likely to sleep through, and everything under the sun. Just be yourself and have fun.

That Wednesday, September 9th, will be Redhot's Singing Dessert. Last year the menu included nutella crepes, homemade cookies, and a chocolate fountain, so come hungry.

Callbacks will be held the weekend following our auditions. And, it all ends on Tap Night when groups race all over campus to offer rushees a place in their group.

Some advice? Relax. Rush will seem like the most intense and exhausting process. You’ll be introduced to a million people, attend a thousand concerts, and eat hundreds of meals with enthusiastic upperclassmen. But at the end of the day, all the craziness is meant to help you find the group that’s right for you. When it all feels like a lot, just remember that this crazy process will make you lifelong friends, have you singing spectacular music, and send you all over the world to make incredible memories.

Any questions? Call a rush manager. We're here to help!

Callbacks          ​         9/11-9/13

​SingingDessert                     9/9

RushMeals              ​     9/7-9/11

TAPNIGHT          ​                 ???​

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