Charlie Hawkings

Alumni Coordinator


Q: Something significant has happened in my life and I'd really like to share it with a group of people I know will care. What should I do?

A: We'd love to include it in our newsletter! Please send the AC a little blurb and a photo, and we'll make sure it makes it into our "Birds' Words" segment. You can also make a submission here

Q: I'm a former member, but I haven't been getting the newsletter. Is there a way I can sign up for it?

A: Sure! Click here to subscribe & join the mailing list.

Q: I'm new to town and/or organizing an event, and I'd like to reach out to other former RHB members in my area. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! Just email the Coordinator with your name and address, and they will reply with the names and emails of alumni who live close by.

Q: Hey, that sounds neat! I'd like to make sure I get information on all RHB-related events happening near me. What do I do?

A: Please email the Coordinator and make sure they have your most recent address! They will never share this address without your permission.

Q: I don't want my email to be handed out without my permission. Is there a way I can make sure that won't happen?

A: Yes. Please shoot the Coordinator a quick email explaining and they will ensure they don't hand out your email without your say-so.

Q: What information of mine does the Coordinator have access to? What do they use it for? What information will they share with other people?

A: The Coordinator shares with the President, Business Managers, and Tour Managers records on the names, addresses, emails, graduation years, and voice parts of former members. The Coordinator uses this information to send out the monthly newsletter and help the group to contact specific alumni when we go on tour. The Coordinator may share your name and email with alumni who ask for it, unless you ask them not to. The Coordinator will never share anything but your name and email with someone without your express permission.

Q: When's our next reunion? 

A: Redhot's 45th Anniversary Jamboree and Reunion will be late in March, 2022, but alumni are always welcome to swing by our annual Jams! Our 43rd Jamboree will be on Saturday, March 29, 2020.

Q: I'm looking for a way to support the Association. Any suggestions?

A: First of all: thank you! And yes! You can:

  • Volunteer as a reunion coordinator.

  • Offer to host a get together for RHB alumni in your area.

  • Make a donation towards reunion festivities or a group get-together in your area. Just email the Coordinator and CC the Business Managers after you donate to specify the donation's use.