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​There’s no group quite like Redhot & Blue. We were founded in the jazz tradition of the early 20th century, but over the years we’ve added songs by the Beatles, the Jackson 5, and many more. And we’ve never lost the edge that sets us apart. For some members, it's the group’s warm sound and musicality; for others, it's the lifelong friendships forged in rehearsals, on plane rides across the world, during late night excursions, and over countless desserts. Ask us anything, but if you ask us now what the best part of Redhot is, we probably can't choose. Good thing we've never had to.

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With a thirty-six year history of tuxedos and red dresses, of beaches and road trips, of cruises and elementary school concerts, Redhot has never lost its edge. Here are some hilghlights from recent years:

March 2014

Houston, Texas

This spring break, we headed down south to Texas during our spring tour and were honored to sing for President George H. Bush! 

December 2011

Timothy Dwight Master's Reception

In December of last year, the Chubb Fellowship brought world-famous actor Morgan Freeman to Yale for a special talk and dinner. We were invited to sing for him at an exclusive reception in Timothy Dwight.

May 2015

Tokyo, Japan

Just after school ended in 2015, we traveled far across the world to Japan!

January 2012


For our winter tour of 2012, we headed south to the Caribbean for a week-long cruise with stops in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman Island. 

Summer 2014

Denmark & the UK

For our most recent tour, we traveled to parts of northern europe! We explore, ate, and even got to sing for Penelope Wilton, who plays Lady Isobel Crawley on Downton Abbey!

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