meet the Redhotties

Evelyn Wu, Alto '23 Co-President Head Rush Manager Inspirational Quote: "Backpack for his applesauce. Backpack where he keeps his applesauce. Jaa'm's got that applesauce that you crave. Everyone catch this juicy Jaa'm wave."—Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy

Jay Mehta, Tenor '23 Co-President Favorite Animal: Whale Inspirational Quote: “Where are all the anvils?”—Lorelai Gilmore

Mark Deng, Bass '23 Business Manager Favorite Animal: Lobster

Cat Lenihan, Soprano '22 Pitch Favorite Animal: Butterfly Inspirational Quote: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.” —Walt Whitman

Avery Brown, Bass '23 Assistant Pitch Inspirational Quote: "Don't you know? We're the movers and we're the shapers, we're the names in tomorrow's papers—up to us now to show 'em!"—Stephen Sondheim

Syd Bakal, Alto '22 Alumni Coordinator Former Positions: Business Manager, Assistant Pitch Favorite animal: Narwhal Inspirational Quote: “Gmorning from the alto section/ never front and center/ but taking on the hardest, weirdest notes with a smile/ filling out the chord/ so you can sing the melody/ take a solo, love” —Lin-Manuel Miranda

Chelsea Uddenberg, Soprano '22 Inpirational Quote: “Pour the wine, we’ve got time” —Aoife O’Donovan

Elliot Britton, Tenor '22 Former Positions: Pitch Favorite animal: Capybara Inspirational Quote: “There is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” —Kenneth Graham

Courtney Nunley, Alto '21 Former Positions: President Inspirational Quote: "It's ok if you don't like me. Not everyone has good taste."

Charlie Hawkings, Tenor '21 Former Positions: Business Manager, Alumni Coordinator Inspirational Quote: “You’re filthy! You’re vile! You’re flawed!” “Also cute and FLUFFY!!!” —Lilo and Stitch

Eduardo Leal, Tenor '21 Former Positions: President, Head Rush Manager Inspirational Quote: “Each note should be like a beautiful helicopter landing on top of a building; and not CRASHING INTO IT.” —Tom Battles '20

Maddy Blaney, Alto '21 Practicing Goddess Favorite Animal: Sea Turtle

"Strike a pose!"

Lauren Bond, Soprano '21 Former Positions: Pitch Favorite Animal: Andalusian Horse

Ross Parish, Bass '21 Former Positions: Business Manager, Assistant Pitch Favorite Animal: the Suica Penguin

Class of 2023!

"Tme for a funny picture!"