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meet the rush managers.

Looking to learn more about a cappella rush at Yale?  We're here to introduce you to Redhot & Blue, plan your rush meals, and make your experience easy and fun. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the rush process or even where to eat for lunch, which libraries are best for napping, or how to make the perfect dining hall waffle.

Jade Klacko

Head Rush Manager, Soprano '25

Jade klacko


(954) 909-9991

You'll quickly find that it is impossible to remember everyone's name during rush. If you can only remember one, remember Jade!

Marshall Adams
Maya Franz
Sylvan Lebrun
Avery Brown

Rush Manager, Tenor '24

Rush Manager, Soprano '25

Rush Manager, Alto '24

Mars adams

Maya Franz


(650) 656-7875

Sylvan lebrun


(605) 228-6009

Rush Manager, Bass '23

Avery brown


(732) 687-3945

Redhot & Blue is a member of the Yale Singing Group Council (SGC), an umbrella organization that represents 17 undergraduate a cappella groups. The SGC organizes rush, along with other events throughout the year. More information about rush and a cappella at Yale can be found at www.yalesgc.org.

rush events

Woolsey Jam

Location: Woolsey Hall
Date/Time: Saturday 03 Sept., 8pm

Woolsey Jam is your chance to watch every a cappella group perform one song each for the first time, so sit back, relax, and get a sample of each group’s sound and performance energy!

Marsh Jam + Audition Sign-Ups

OC Marsh Hall (Yale Science Building)
Date/Time: Monday 05 Sept., 8 pm

Marsh Jam is another great chance to watch every a cappella group perform two songs.  Very importantly, audition sign-ups open as soon as the last note of the last song is sung, so be sure to book it to the Redhot table to secure your preferred time. You'll know which is ours ;)


Mendel Room (Branford)
Friday, September 9th — Sunday, Sep.11th

Time for our favorite part of rush—it’s our first chance to hear you sing and to start imagining what music we’ll make together. We can’t wait to meet you!

You'll join us for some fun warm-ups, then do a few ear-training exercises. After that we'll check your blending, that is, we'll see how good you sound singing with us. Last, but absolutely not least, comes our favorite part of the audition: you get to sing us your solo! Feel free to sing whatever song you'd like, even if it's in another language.

We’ve heard everything from the Brahms Requiem to Disney movie themes, and we’ve loved it all! Sing something that makes you feel happy or just your go-to jam. For more information, check out our audition cheat sheet.

Rush Meals

The week following auditions

We’ll set you up with 1-2 members of our group, who will meet you for a meal or a walk in the week following your audition. This is your chance to ask us about anything: our favorite concerts, our funniest group escapades, or our latest tour destinations. 

Singing Dessert

Sudler Recital Hall (WLH 201)
Date/Time: Friday 16 Sept., 10:00 - 11:15 pm

You’ve gotten a glimpse of Redhot at Woolsey & Marsh Jam, and now’s the time to hear a full set list at Redhot’s Singing Dessert! Enjoy dishes and desserts prepared by our very own Redhotties, while hearing the songs you might sing on as a member of Redhot. Singing Dessert is a great time to hear the full diversity of Redhot’s repertoire while getting a glimpse into our group’s overall vibe.


Mendel Room (Branford)
Saturday, September 17th — Sunday, Sep.18th

By this point, you’ll know the drill: we’ll start with warm-ups and blending. Next, you’ll have the opportunity to sing a Redhot solo with the group backup.  Finally, we’ll ask you to sing another solo of your choice. Ruthie, our pitch, might have asked you to think about a different genre or a different facet of your voice, so take those suggestions into account, while singing whatever best lets you show off your presence, passion, and musicianship. For more information, check out our callbacks cheat sheet.

Tap Night!

You'll know ;)

In the meantime, here's what you can expect.

rush faq

I've only ever sung in the car and in the shower - should I really audition?

Absolutely! We hear a completely diverse group of singers - from those who have never sung in public before, to those who were involved in every high school singing group, and even expert musicians trying out singing for the first time. We welcome a wide range of experiences!

Will joining Redhot & Blue prevent me from experiencing other extracurriculars?

Nope. We share our Redhotties with the Yale Drama Coalition, the Yale Glee Club, Davenport Pops, the Student Environmental Coalition, Jook Songs, the Yale Daily News, the Yale Record... you name it!

I'm a sophomore or junior. Is it too late for me to sign up for an audition?

Not at all! We are looking for auditionees from all different class years! If you want to sign up for an audition, please contact our Head Rush Manager, Jade (jade.klacko@yale.edu). She will help you find an audition slot and send you info about how to prepare!

What can I expect during auditions and callbacks? What do I need to prepare?

Links to instructions on prepping for auditions will be found at the top of the page! (Note: as of right now, some details of rush have not yet been settled: the links previously mentioned will be made available as soon as possible.)