Seattle, Washington
Hong Kong
On the Great Wall of China
Shanghai, China
Paris, France
Miami, Florida
Numazu, Japan
With the Governor of Puerto Rico

Every year, Redhot goes on three tours: two domestic and one international. Whether eating barbeque in Texas, hitting up the beach in Rio de Janeiro, singing in the streets of Shanghai, or devouring sushi in Japan, we bring our love of adventure—and music—wherever we go. 

2019-2020 tour schedule


Los Angeles, CA

At the start of 2020, we'll be enjoying gorgeous beaches and the beautiful warmth of sunny LA!

For more information or to book Redhot during our winter tour, contact our tour manager Courtney.

January 2020


Chicago, IL

To celebrate the end of winter, we'll be heading to Chicago, one of America's jazziest cities and Syd's hometown!

For more information or to book Redhot during our spring tour, contact tour manager Syd.

March 2020


The United Kingdom

What better place to visit in May than gorgeous, green Britain? After our exams, Redhot is flying across the pond to London and then on to Edinburgh for some singing in Scottish castles!

Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, this tour has been cancelled. We hope to come to the UK in the future!




Redhot has been all over the globe, from the packed metro stations of São Paulo to the beautiful Great Wall of China just outside of Beijing. Here are a few galleries from some of our more recent tours.